Brown Bros. is an agent working on a commission basis. We do not buy or own the items we handle; all merchandise is sold on consignment. Because we maintain this objective role in the sale of your personal property and antiques, your dollar return is maximized. Our auctions are absolute, as is our resolve to earn you the highest dollar return.

Whether you are selling the entire contents of a home or only several items, Brown Bros. can assist you in the process. We sell a wide range of goods, including, but not limited to: antiques, quality reproduction furnishings, books, china, jewelry, artwork, tools, automobiles, firearms, weapons, and ephemera.

The key to our auctions is presale preparation. Detailed sorting coupled with research from our in-house library assists us in this task. On auction day, sufficient time is allotted to each auctioneer so he or she may present the items in a timely and intelligent manner, thus assuring the highest bid possible. In kind, this approach encourages knowledgeable bidders. Our normal auction pattern offers four auctioneers selling simultaneously.

Several examples of this presale preparation are notable. Faced with the daunting challenge of sorting a multi-generational home, our sorter took the time to match the Victorian jewelry to the antique photographic portraits of family members wearing the same jewelry. In another instance, we uncovered and matched a signed 1820 sampler with a period land deed from the same family, thus establishing a significant provenance. More important than the obvious dollar outcome, this connection to a primary source was saved for posterity, not lost in the dust of time. In each case, our attention to minute detail translated into a larger monetary return to our consignors.

There is a Brown Bros. adage well known in our community - Do not throw anything away until the Browns review it. This is particularly important in dealing with house contents that pre-date World War II. An errant bracelet, sewing thimble, fountain pen, and many other items are quite saleable in today’s market.

Another area where we devote a great deal of time is our specialty auctions, which can include antiques, coins, firearms or other distinctive categories. The purpose of these auctions is to provide the consignor with the best market presentation possible. A national advertising program that includes color brochure mailings, select newspaper advertisements, detailed internet listings, as well as the weekly bulletin board in our auction gallery (which is by far the best advertising method), insures significant market exposure.

If necessary, when you are faced with selling a home’s contents, we have the means to provide you with packing and moving services. These steps can be completed in a timely manner. Our commission is highly competitive and our payout time is reasonable. Each settlement check is accompanied by a financial statement and detailed listing accounting for the items sold. General consignments are also received on a weekly basis. Whatever your needs, please contact us via email or by telephone.