An attendee at a Brown Bros. auction must provide us with a current driver’s license. Arriving at our gallery, you will register for a bidder’s number. When finished buying, return to the registration area for checkout. Our bidder’s numbers are not permanent. You will be given a new number each time you register. You are responsible for your bidder’s number. If the number is lost, please report immediately to the registration clerks to release your liability.

Payment is by check or cash day of auction and before removal of goods. Gallery clerical records are final in regards to bid price. If you are an unknown buyer to us and you use a bank outside of Pennsylvania, please have your bank mail to us a bank account card available from Brown Bros. A letter of reference from your bank is also permissible.

A buyer’s premium of fifteen percent will be added to the final bid price.

A six percent (6%) Pennsylvania sales tax is payable on the final bid price and the buyer’s premium. If you claim dealer sales tax exemption, you must provide us with a photocopy of your current state’s sales and use tax license. If your license is held in Pennsylvania, we also require a completed Revenue Form 1220 AS+. Out of state buyers need only their respective state sales and use tax license.

Items sell in an as is condition and without recourse. No warranties or representations are expressed or implied. Since items are available for inspection prior to auction, it is assumed the buyer is fully aware of their condition, authenticity, etc. Items may be withdrawn prior to auction.

The auctioneer shall declare the highest approved bidder the buyer. The auctioneer may reject any bid or monetary advance if he deems such bid injurious to the sale. Bidding may be re-opened between contending bidders should each claim the final bid. The auctioneer has sole and final discretion in any dispute.

At knockdown all items become the sole property and responsibility of the buyer. Brown Bros. is not responsible for items left on the premises either as to theft, fire, breakage, or any other hazard. Any purchased items not removed from Brown Bros. premises within three (3) days after the auction may be disposed of by Brown Bros. at their discretion.

If the auctioneer(s) observes or suspects any individual(s) obstructing the practice of free and competitive bidding, he or she may refuse any further bids from any individual(s) engaging in such practice.