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Welcome to Brown Brothers

Brown Bros. Auction Gallery is a three-generation company in Buckingham, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA. Located sixty minutes north of center city Philadelphia and ninety minutes southwest of midtown Manhattan, we serve clients and customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region. We are fortunate to work in a business as unique as the people’s lives we touch. It is a place where history and the contemporary world intersect. Join us on our journey where the past is always present…at Brown Bros.

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S. Hoadley, Plymouth [CT] New England tall case clock

Slide 2

Victorian oil painting on canvas

Slide 3

14kt Yellow gold diamond ring

Slide 4

Antique Clichy garland paperweight

Slide 5

.84 Silver & enamel match safe, assayer Yakov Lyapunov

Slide 6

Carved Asian ivory elephant

Slide 7

Stalag 17-B Prisoner Registration and German Dog Tags

Slide 8

Buddy L pressed steel motor coach

Slide 9

German POW Warning Leaflet, Stalag 17-B

Slide 10

Ty Cobb Detroit, American League tobacco card

Slide 11

Mason Factory canvasback drake decoy

Slide 12

Gray stoneware beer pitcher, ca. 1893

Slide 13

Tri-O-Pack coin-operated trade simulator slot machine

Slide 14

Pennsylvania German walnut chest-of-drawers, dated 1796

Slide 15

Steelcraft toy steam shovel

Slide 16

Demmitt St Louis, American League tobacco card

Slide 17

Signed Abraham Lincoln Presidential Military Appointment

Slide 18

J.E. Caldwell brass ship's clock

Slide 19

Ranulph Bye watercolor

Slide 20

Chinese ivory three-piece seal set

Slide 21

Miniature portraits on ivory

Slide 22

Heriz carpet

Slide 23

George Schultz oil painting on canvas

Slide 24

Wood file system

Slide 25

Carved wood hobby horse

Slide 26

Evelyn Faherty oil painting on masonite

Slide 27

Pennsylvania redware fish mold

Slide 28

14kt Yellow gold diamond filigree ring